FINAL PORTRAIT | SHORT FILM | Dir. Sarah Li | 10 mins | UK & USA | 2016

In 1908 Richard Gerstl painted his final self portrait after an affair with Arnold Schönberg's wife. This affair, and Gerstl's subsequent death, inspired the Austrian composer to write one of his finest pieces of work. This monologue brings to life the emotions of real, unrequited love as we meet with Gerstl before he puts his brush to canvas.

Directed by Sarah Li
Written by Maya Contreras
Produced by Sarah Li
Cinematography by Chris Pollitt
Editing by Sarah Li
Music Score Arnold Schönberg courtesy of Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum, Boston
Sound Design by Rahul Allam
Sound Edit & Re-Record Mix by Dean Covill

Shot on a Canon 5D Mk3 with Canon Lenses

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