ELLA & THE BLIND WITCH | SHORT FILM | Dir. Michael A. Cimpher | 6 mins | UK | 2015

An old bedtime fairytale turns out to be a bit more than young Tom and Alice can take. This fantasy horror film blends 1920's animation and live action that makes staying at Grandma's house a lot scarier than you could've imagined.

WARNING: May not be suitable for young children.

Staring Phyllis McMahon (SHAUN OF THE DEAD), introducing Megan Mary Hart and Joseph Preedy.

Directed by Michael A. Cimpher
Written by Rishi Vaja
Produced by Sarah Li
Cinematography by Chris Pollitt
Animation by Helena Houghton
Editing by Daniel Nixon
Music Score by Chris Stanley Jones
Sound Design by Josh Ward
Visual Effects by Stanislav Shapetskiy, John Sellings and Andrei Gheorghiu

Shot on a Red Epic with Cooke S4 Primes

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